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Mobile games development on Flash
Novacoders Company starts development mobile games for iOS and Android platforms using Flash technology with Adobe AIR mobile.
August 6, 2012

Novacoders starts new MMO game outsourcing
Novacoders starts outsourcing of social MMO game like simcity for facebook.
March 1, 2010

Novacoders starts Soccer Unleashed distibution
Novacoders has signed contract with TraceBit Ltd for the Soccer Unleashed mobile game distirbution.
February 3, 2010

Mobile Software Development

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Novacoders Company is the experienced mobile software developer for j2me, blackberry, brew, symbian, windows mobile, iphone and android platforms. We provide our clients a complete production cycle from design to certification of mobile applications making them ready for sale on appropriate market.

We accumulate all gained knowledge and solutions in our own system named portBox. You can find more detailed information about this technology here.

We have experience in developing mobile software in the following areas:

  • Mobile games. We developed mobile games of various genres. Detailed information can be found on our portfolio.
  • Network and client-server applications. We provide a comprehensive mobile application development for client-server architecture, which includes full development of client and server parts. We also developed mobile version of existing web applications like blogs, chats, forums, etc.
  • Multimedia applications. We developed an application for playing and recording audio and video clips on mobile phones. We have also developed a mobile application for internet video blog that plays streaming video from the internet as well as record and send streaming video clip from the mobile device to the server.
  • Navigation applications. We have experience in the development of mobile navigation applications, which show the map using data from the Internet and determine the coordinates of the user using the built-in or external GPS receiver, as well as base stations of mobile operator.


Our company produces an application with a wide range of mobile devices and ready-to-market. More information about this you can read on the porting page.


Please contact us to get quotes or to arrange the call with our managers.

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