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Mobile games development on Flash
Novacoders Company starts development mobile games for iOS and Android platforms using Flash technology with Adobe AIR mobile.
August 6, 2012

Novacoders starts new MMO game outsourcing
Novacoders starts outsourcing of social MMO game like simcity for facebook.
March 1, 2010

Novacoders starts Soccer Unleashed distibution
Novacoders has signed contract with TraceBit Ltd for the Soccer Unleashed mobile game distirbution.
February 3, 2010

portBox Overview

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portBox is the revolution technology that accumulates our experience and allows us to increase production performance and services quality. This system makes us very competitive on mobile porting and mobile software development services market.


Development advantages

portBox contains finished software solutions such as game engines, 2D and 3D graphics render, UI, network technologies (HTTP, Sockets, Bluetooth), streaming audio and video playback, video recorder and other components. These components are tested on many devices for all platforms. It allows us to spend more time for game or application specific functionality.


Porting advantages

portBox has two modules to provide two types of porting services: single-platform porting and cross-platform porting.

Single-platform porting module

This module is the most useful for J2me platform. There are hundreds devices for different manufacturers which support J2me platform. Unfortunately, implementation of this platform on a lot of devices has some issues.
portBox solves this issue for more than 300 J2me devices, more than 100 Brew devices and about 100 Symbian and Windows mobile devices.

Cross-platform porting module

This module contains two sub modules to cover all mobile platforms:
J2me libraries implementation for Brew platform. It allows us to port J2me games and applications to Brew platform. Universal C++ libraries for Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. It allows us to write code once and support 2 platforms simultaneously.


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