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Mobile games development on Flash
Novacoders Company starts development mobile games for iOS and Android platforms using Flash technology with Adobe AIR mobile.
August 6, 2012

Novacoders starts new MMO game outsourcing
Novacoders starts outsourcing of social MMO game like simcity for facebook.
March 1, 2010

Novacoders starts Soccer Unleashed distibution
Novacoders has signed contract with TraceBit Ltd for the Soccer Unleashed mobile game distirbution.
February 3, 2010

Company overview

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Novacoders is Ukrainian software outsourcing company that specializes in flash MMO and mobile games development. We offer custom games and applications development for Flash, J2me, Blackberry (RIM), Android and iPhone platforms.

Novacoders Company is a reigning expert in flash and java platforms and we are able to provide all the appropriate outsourcing services. All our efforts are spent exclusively upon improving our development knowledge in the field of flash and mobile platforms, allowing us to consistently provide our customers with a quality product. Our production studio is located in the Ukraine - the heart of Europe. And we are able to offer an optimal balance between low-cost services and high quality products. Moreover, we offer many cooperation strategies like pilot and test projects which may even cost nothing.

Flash MMO games development

Our company offers development of Massive Multiplayer Online games for social networks like Facebook. We provide full cycle of development that includes game design, client and server programming, art creation, integration with social networks, integration to payment systems, testing and following project support.

Mobile games and applications development

A large number of mobile platforms and technologies requires an additional expenses for developers to explore new technologies. That is why many companies prefer to outsource works, which are not within their competence, to third-party companies that are experts in their business. Novacoders company is such expert in the field of mobile software development for J2me, Blackberry (RIM), Android and iPhone platforms.

Our advantages

  • Experience. Our team has experts in each technology and the platform which we provide services on. We also have a lot of completed code and our own solutions that are already tested and ready to be integrated into new projects guaranteeing the stability of the application.

  • Responsibility. Novacoders company guarantees the quality of work performed and offer further project support after its release. All processes within our team are standardized and controlled by our managers and team leads. This approach allows to guarantee the timing and quality of work performed or to identify problems at an early stage.

  • Scope of work. We provide full cycle games development that includes design, programming, art creation, QA and testing. Each type of work is controlled by the team leader. While a project supervised by project manager, who represents the interests of the customer within our production team.

  • Cost. Price of the project is formed by estimating the amount of hours needed for project development and cost of one man/hour of work. Cost of man/hour, that we propose is comparable to the cost of most freelancers works, and sometimes even less.


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